About Not An S.O.S

S.O.S: an international code signal of extreme distress, used especially by ships at sea.

An S.O.S is sent in a time of distress, a time of need and as a military spouse we have plenty of those moments. So why the name “Not An S.O.S”? My husband tells me all the time “Everything is always better in the end. So, if it’s not better, it’s not the end.” It’s his reminder to me that I don’t need to send out that S.O.S distress signal I just need to remember to take a step back and breathe.

So, how did we get here? Lets be honest, there is a lot, and when I say a lot I mean a lot, that comes with the military and the lifestyle that accompanies it. There are many resources available but many are written by “seasoned spouses” who have been at it for years and know the ropes. I love those resources and have found them very helpful but what I kept missing is the perspective of a new spouse. I kept wanting to find tips from a spouse who was going through it real time, a place that would talk about the things that all young, new relationships go through that most people don’t want to or won’t talk about.

I wanted a place that I could follow a story that was helpful but also relatable to my age and the types of things that go along with it. Being a new spouse can be intimidating and scary and feeling like you are a new spouse who is much younger than the rest around you and at a completely different place in life can be hard to handle but not impossible. I thought to myself, since there are not many resources written for young military spouses by young military spouses, why don’t I make one? So I did and Not An S.O.S was born.

I want this to be a place for spouses, or anyone, to turn to when they need advice, direction, a resource, or a friend. This is a place to remind yourself that no matter how crazy things may be you’re not alone and you can do it.